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  ООО "Resource Holding"

   The group of constructing companies

   Berkovetskaya street, 6-а, of. 116
   Kiev, Ukraine 04128

    +380 (67) 548-5577

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Mission: to optimize construction resources by consolidating firms of various specializations into the unified organic system.

Aim: to create group of companies for rendering the range of construction services.


Group of building companies “Resource Holding” was established in course of merging of several companies which after amalgamation instead of separate stages offer the range of construction services. Beginning of cooperation dates back to Spring 2005.

As of 2006 Resource Holding offers its services related to earthwork and transportation of bulk building materials.

In 2007 our group offers the range of services consisting of design, general contract, complex construction and finishing work.

Each enterprise being part of the group has particular specialization and is engaged in performance of respective stage of works.

Resource Holding accepts orders both for complex construction, and for particular kinds of construction work.

Management places its stake on staff. We have friendly team where everyone is needed, respected and has an opportunity to actualize oneself. These factors become apparent in high motivation, stability and developing team.

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