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  ООО "Resource Holding"

   The group of constructing companies

   Berkovetskaya street, 6-а, of. 116
   Kiev, Ukraine 04128

    +380 (67) 548-5577

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Стороительный портал. Технические документы. Спец новости. Сервисы.

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  • Project management – LLC “Resource Holding”

  • Design – LLC “BAM Project”

  • General contract – LLC “Resource Holding”

  • Piles foundation works, device of retaining walls, geodesy, a laboratory is LLC. "Budfundament"

  • Road construction and other asphalt works – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Excavation of pits – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Foundation works – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • House construction (cottage, low-rise building, office centre) – LLC “Resource Holding”

  • Industrial construction (warehouse, logistics complex, factory, etc) – LLC “Resource Holding”, LLC “Budpromservis”

  • Supply of bulk building materials (stream sand, gully sand, soil, crushed rock) – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Demolition of buildings (reinforced concrete constructions, brick constructions, roadway covering, etc) – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Transport services (dumping truck, creeper, platform) – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Truck-mounted crane services (15-ton truck-mounted crane, 25-ton truck-mounted crane) – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Lease of machinery (dumping truck, bulldozer, earth-moving machine, compactor, truck-mounted crane) – LLC “Resurs-Trans”

  • Each service may be rendered in the range and severally.

Many year’s experience of our specialists, modern machinery and efficient management allow to offer you reliable, high-quality and opportune fulfillment of tasks set.
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